Final thoughts

Life isn’t always easy, but it’s good.

Even though you might be facing challenges and difficulties, it’s a privilege to be alive.

If you can stop chasing shiny objects and focus on the few things that actually matter, you can indeed live a simple and good life.

Keep in mind that nobody really cares about you or your problems and that you’re the only one responsible for the life you live.

Make sure you’re surrounded by people who support your dreams (or at least don’t put you down).

Keep in mind that money matters, and make sure you don’t waste it.

Avoid staying close to people just because you’ve already been close to them for a long time.

Don’t expect life to be fair. Create your own rules.

Don’t forget that making quick decisions is always better than making no decision.

Start as early as possible.

Do the hard things, so you can become more experienced and stronger.

Don’t believe in anyone being perfect. We all make mistakes.

Use social media to make your life better and richer.

The more time you spend ignoring certain truths, the more time you ultimately waste. Allow yourself to break that cycle and embrace the truths that might first be a little painful. In the end, it’s those truths that’ll help you live a rich life.


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