We all want to know the truth, but if the truth is uncomfortable, we get annoyed and wish we never heard about it at all. The reality is, most people don’t want to face the uncomfortable truths of life, even if they say they do.

They just want to live with their blinds on and avoid as many problems and difficulties as possible.

While this might first sound comfortable, it eventually leads to an unfulfilling and repetitive life.

And in the worst case, denying the uncomfortable truths will make it harder for you to take responsibility and design your own life.

If you constantly choose comfort over courage, you’ll end up being the puppet of others. If you, however, manage to embrace the following truths, you might be able to design an extraordinarily fulfilling life.

You Should Either Have a Partner Who Supports Your Dreams or No Partner at All

Being around people who’re trying to keep you small is painful. And if it’s your partner who’s trying to ignore your dreams, it hurts even more.

One of my best friends has recently been in a relationship where his goals were way more important than hers. He didn’t care what exactly she wanted to achieve or do. All that mattered was that she made it as easy as possible for him to move forward.

If she ever talked about her ambitious career goals, he laughed at her and told her why her dreams were unachievable.

Even though we sometimes can’t choose whether we fall in love or not, we can indeed choose whether we stay with someone.

If your partner is constantly trying to talk you down and discourage you, it’s probably the wrong partner.

A rich relationship should be full of support and encouragement. If someone doesn’t want to see you win, he’ll probably also fail to be by your side when you need him most.

That’s why you should always surround yourself with people who can cheer for you and support you in becoming your best self but who’re also there for you when you hit rock bottom.


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