Making a Wrong Decision Is Better Than Making No Decision

When was the last time you struggled to make a decision?

This morning when choosing what to wear?
Last night when deciding what to eat for dinner?
Or last week when you had to make a significant decision that could shape your entire life?

Whatever it was, I bet it wasn’t long ago and that you’re struggling to make small decisions every day.

And it’s not even your fault.

With endless possibilities, opportunities, and choices than ever before, it became significantly more difficult to decide.

A few decades ago, you could order a black coffee, coffee with milk, and decide if you wanted to have sugar. Today, you can spend half an hour reading the menu of Starbucks.

And that’s still only one of the most insignificant choices of our lives.

Most people are so afraid of making a wrong decision that they don’t decide at all. They end up being trapped in analysis paralysis and waste a significant part of their life thinking about their decisions instead of just taking action.

But here’s the painful truth: Overthinking isn’t productive. It’s just a form of procrastination because you’re afraid of making the right decision.

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