Learn About Cancer Types and Grades

Learn About Cancer Types and Grades
What are the different types of cancer?

How many organs are there in the body, so many cancers are there.

Cancer is just a name, but there are so many types, so many sub-types, and so many technical things.

I won’t go into detail, but broadly, you can name the organ, and there is cancer for that organ.

For example, the brain there is a brain tumor.

For example, the oral cavity, the thyroid: there is thyroid cancer; breast: breast cancer; lunch: lung cancer; Stomach: stomach cancer; Uterus: uterine cancer.

So you name the organ, and there is cancer for that particular organ.

Broadly, cancer has been described into two types.

One is solid-organ cancer, another is hematological cancer.

Solid-organ means breast cancer, liver cancer, intestinal cancer: these are all solid organ cancers.

What are hematological cancers?

These are related to the liquids in our body.

For example, blood.

Blood cancer is called hematological cancer.

The name for blood cancer is leukemia.

The cancer of the lymph gland or the lymphatic system, or it is called white blood, is called lymphoma.

There is one more tumor that arises in the bone, which is multiple myeloma.

Concisely, if I have to put it precisely, as per the organ, the name has been given to cancer.

Then, there are few cancers that are very fast-growing, few cancers which are in-between, and there are few cancers that are slow-growing.

Depending on the stage, the pace of the growth of the cancer changes.

Some are high-grade, some are intermediate-grade, and some are low-grade.

The low-grade cancers, which will spread slowly; intermediate-grade cancer will spread not very fast, not very slow; and high-grade cancer will spread very fast.

So broadly, as per organ, there are cancers: high-grade, intermediate-grade, and low-grade cancer. Solid-organ cancer, hematological cancers.

These are roughly types of cancer.


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