Stevia benefits and properties

Stevia benefits and properties

Stevia benefits and properties

Stevia benefits and properties, including stevioside and rebaudioside A – E, not only reduce glucose levels but also enhance insulin sensitivity, effectively improving symptoms of hyperglycemia and diabetes.

No Distinct Differences Between Stevia Forms

There are no long-lasting distinctions between various forms of stevia, except for determining the desired sweetness level. Stevia-based sweeteners are often combined with different sugar substitutes, so it’s crucial to carefully read labels.

Daily Right Stevia: Low in Kilojoules, 100% Natural

A Daily Right Stevia mixed coffee is not only highly low in kilojoules but also entirely natural. Compared to a regular branded instant coffee with sugar, it contains only 96 – 106KJ, whereas the latter can go up to 186 – 210KJ.

Watch Your Kilojoules with Daily Right Stevia

For those conscious about kilojoules, Daily Right’s range fits into a balanced and healthy diet, suitable for weight management. Enjoy up to 2-3 cups of Daily Right Stevia coffee daily for a guilt-free treat.

Ideal for Diabetics: Stevia vs. Sugar

Daily Right’s range is perfect for diabetics. Remember, one teaspoon of sugar adds 68kJ to your coffee, while one teaspoon of Daily Right Stevia adds only 6 Calories. Choose wisely for a healthier coffee experience.


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