Top 10 exercises that will strengthen your arms

If you are not used to regular physical exercise, then you should start strengthening the muscles of the arms gradually. Use minimal weight and few reps in the beginning, gradually increasing the intensity of the load.

Hand exercises

1. Raising arms with a barbell

I. P. – standing straight. Take the barbell so that your hands are shoulder-width apart, palms up. Place your elbows as close to your body as possible. Raise your arms with a barbell forward and up, touching your hands to your shoulders. Hold for a few seconds and return to I.P. – 20 times.

2. Pull-ups

I. P. – standing straight. Spread your arms shoulder-width apart and hang on the horizontal bar. Keeping your back straight, bend your arms, pulling your body up. Do it 10 times.

3. French press

I. P. – lying on his back. Bend your knees and press your legs and back against the surface. Take the dumbbells and straighten your arms forward so that the dumbbells touch . Bend your elbows, pulling your forearms back, the dumbbells should drop very close to the floor – 20 times.

4. Diamond push-ups

I.P. – in a push-up rack, only the palms should be side by side, and the index and thumbs are connected. Repeat push-ups 20 times.

5. curls with barbell

I. P. – lying on his stomach on a bench with a back at an angle of 45 degrees. Lower your hands freely. Take the barbell with your palms up, lift the barbell until it touches your shoulders. Use only your biceps.

6. Swing with weights

I. P. – standing as straight as possible. Pick up dumbbells or any weights (water bottles). Raise your arms so your body forms a cross. Hold for a few seconds and return to I.P. – 20 times.

7. 21 repeat

Take a barbell or dumbbells and extend your arms forward. While contracting your biceps, bend your elbows to form a right angle. Do it 7 times. From this position – arms at a right angle, bend your arms until they touch your shoulders – 7 times. From the position – hands are lowered, perform full lifts of the bar to the shoulders – 7 times.

8. In different directions

I. P. – lying on his back. Connect your arms with dumbbells at chest level. Without stretching your arms, move them to the right to the left – 20 times.

9. Flexion and extension

I. P. – standing straight. Stretch your arms alternately with dumbbells to the shoulder and up – 10 repetitions and change hands.

10. Overhead

I. P. – standing straight. Bend your arms with dumbbells at the elbows and spread them on both sides of the body. Raise your arms up and connect the dumbbells – 20 times. 

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