9 Symptoms With Your Legs That Are A Signal To A Serious Disease

We’ve all experienced leg pain or some other issue with our legs at some point or the other. Now, it may have been caused by a minor injury, overworking, poor nutrition or even stress, but there are times when some leg problems appear as a signal to something much more serious.

Here are a list of health problems that may show themselves through your leg. If you think you have any of them, please seek the advice of your doctor.

Poor Kidney Function

1. Swelling in legs
2. “Electric” pain

Edema, a swelling caused due to fluids not draining properly from your body, can be attributed to poor kidney function. You may also feel an electricity-like tingly feeling. The skin around your eyes being swollen is another symptom of this issue.

Venous Insufficiency

1. Swelling in legs
2. Legs feel heavy
3. Pigmentation

When the venous valves in your body are weak or damaged, it causes the blood difficulty in flowing from the heart to limbs. This causes swelling, especially in and around the ankle area. It also causes pigmentation and the feeling of legs being too heavy.

Insufficient Heart Function

1. Swelling in legs
2. A “pulling” pain

When one or two chambers of the heart lose their ability to work efficiently in pumping blood, it causes it to become accumulated in the lower limbs. This, in turn, causes the legs to swell up and cause a lot of pain.


1. Swelling in legs
2. Rising of temperature in legs
3. Skin changes color
4. Pain
5. Fatigue

Thrombosis, which is a blood clot in the circulatory system can be the cause of a combination of the symptoms above. It’s a pretty serious issue, so if you’re afraid you might be experiencing it, please go to the doctor immediately.

Liver Issues

1. Swelling in legs
2. Vascular spiders
3. Fatigue

Some of the early symptoms of liver failure can be spotted through your legs. Swelling and vascular spiders appear in your legs due to inefficient blood flow between the intestine, spleen, pancreas, and liver.


1. Swelling in legs
2.Muscle spams
3. Feelings of cold

You can also spot issues in the thyroid gland when it becomes overactive, causing hyperthyroidism if you’re feeling the symptoms listed above.


1. Pale skin
2. Pain
3. Muscular frailness

Atherosclerosis is an issue where fatty deposits end up clogging arteries, which is pretty serious as it can lead to fatal heart issues. It causes the feet to receive less blood, making it weak, painful, and pale in color.


1. “Pricking” feeling
2. Wounds that won’t heal

One of the major points of concern for a person with diabetes is their feet. Even small wounds are serious, and take a long time to heal. Diabetes is also often accompanied by nerve damage, which might not cause much pain but has the potential to turn into an ulcer.


1. Swelling in legs
2. Fatigue
3. Muscle spams

Of course, pregnancy isn’t an illness, but it is technically a medical condition which can be spotted by paying attention to your legs. Swollen legs that feel heavy are a symptom that can show up even before you test positive. Muscle spams are another symptom that can show up as well.

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