What is the purpose of a company blog?

What is the purpose of a company blog? The company blog is internet support allowing you to communicate via the internet and especially to attract visitors to promote your company. Different strategies can be adopted in this case because the internet is growing daily.

Company blog: What is the purpose of a company blog? 

The blog was a sudden fashion at the end of the 2000s which proposed a means of communication quite different from the classic showcase site, we approach a strategy based on editorial and try to create a community around the brand or company. The idea is to approach the consumers that we can’t get through the classic route, attracting them with informative, quality content and bringing them a real interest. Many communication agencies have proposed this product, with different approaches, but the arrival of social networks and especially their rise has left little room for this blog, often abandoned in corporate strategies. And yet, behind a mode of communication hides a real powerful lever of acquisition. But it is still necessary to control it.

Branding strategy

The idea behind this strategy is to create a brand-oriented corporate blog where we will offer customers and prospects an immersion within the company. For example, this is the case for major champagne houses that will have a showcase site, and a blog focused on the activities of the house such as the preparation of vintages, the creation of new champagne, or the process used by craftsmen to obtain an exceptional vintage. There is an immersion in the company, in what it can do, and we offer content that is both editorial and visual, in the form of images and videos.

The lead strategy

This is the goal of all companies betting on the web, to get leads or sales. The corporate blog can create a white label and thus double its ability to acquire traffic and leads, simply, it requires a different approach and it can be a long and tedious work, but the results are very often very interesting. It is estimated that it takes at least 12 months to launch a corporate blog and allow it to position itself, but beyond that time, it’s mostly a question of infrastructure because you need editors, a network of sites to get quality links, all this can be managed by an expert in the field of SEO.

Do not make the mistake of the blog for the blog

Many companies want to start a blog because everyone says to start a blog, a mistake. A company blog must be part of the company’s digital strategy and a real action plan with clear objectives must be defined. The ROI of a company blog can be measured and it is highly recommended to define one, because, between the investments made to acquire new traffic and the time spent, it is important to make this leverage profitable.

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