The challenges of dematerialization in companies

In the age of digital companies, it is normal to hear about the dematerialization of documents. If this will is even anchored in legislation, it remains, for some companies, difficult to understand or implement.

What are the advantages of dematerialization?

What is called dematerialization consists of the digitization of all old paper documents inherent to the company’s activity and the electronic creation of any new document (invoice, estimate…). The dematerialization also implies that the internal services serving the core business (purchasing, accounting, marketing …), are also carried out through this means, following the example of BtoB communication. But why? Initially, to facilitate exchanges, but also to ensure better security for data that is otherwise accessible. Going fully digital would increase productivity by using automatic processes. Secondly, digital documents are now legally recognized, which was not the case before. Of course, if we are talking about having to settle a dispute in this way, we must ensure that the documents in question are digitized in a format that does not allow them to be transformed (PDF…). Other important points for companies, the fact of digitizing archives implies a saving of space on the premises but also protection in case of an accident, such as water damage.

Companies and dematerialization: how to do it?

Companies are required by law to move to digitization, depending on their size since 2017, and it is estimated that by 2020, even Very Small Enterprises (VSEs) will be operational. However, some companies are worried about this digitalization. If digitization is recognized at the legislative level, we can fear a flaw in the system. In addition, they often want to duplicate documents in paper format. In addition, one does not improvise oneself as a computer specialist and many company directors admit that they do not have the skills or the time to digitize their documents. It is also necessary to create a rigorous organization throughout the process. However, many entrepreneurs are already struggling to meet customer orders on time. They are overwhelmed by the administrative side of things.

In order to offer them a quality response, some companies recognized in the archiving of documents can meet their expectations with appropriate solutions. They are authorized and have the equipment to digitize all types of documents and offer storage solutions, both virtual and for paper documents. Available at all times, the documents can only be consulted by people with authority. A big plus for business leaders who find here a turnkey answer to all the problems related to dematerialization. Dematerialization represents an advantage for companies but its implementation may seem risky for many of them. Time, an organization to be found, skills, the obstacles seem numerous for the VSEs who have to solve it this year. Fortunately, there are experienced providers to make their task easier and help them take the plunge into the digital world.

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