10 online business ideas to be launched in 2021

For all those who dream of starting their own business, the internet is an exceptional playground. It is now possible for anyone to launch their online business only thanks to their computer, and with little or no investment! There is a multitude of ways to make money online that will allow you to be your own boss and work at your own pace while developing your own income. You don’t have to be a pro in business management or even rent space. An entrepreneur’s dream come true! In this article, we introduce you to 20 online business ideas to be created in 2020, all ideal for those who dream of working from home. Whether you want to start your business full-time or gradually develop it alongside your work as a salaried employee.


1.Launch your blog

Creating your own blog (like the one you’re currently on) is a fun and rewarding way to make money online… but also one of the most time-consuming. If you love to write or have a passion that you would like to share with the world, starting a website is a great way to turn your hobby into a real money-making activity. Launch costs are relatively low, the main expense being usually the hosting of your website. You can also very well start building your blog as a hobby and then gradually develop your business and brand over the months. This will allow you to benefit from a small salary supplement before you can launch full time.

2.The dropshipping

Among the tens or even hundreds of opportunities that exist to launch your online business, dropshipping is certainly one of the most interesting. Dropshipping” means that you sell a product on your site without managing the stock yourself, but asking the supplier to ship the orders directly to the customer. Even if the margin is smaller than if you managed the stock yourself, the advantages are inevitably very attractive: no need for warehouses or logistics – you can manage your business directly from your computer! Once you’ve found your products and your supplier, simply create an online storefront on a platform like Shopify, list your products, and you’re ready to ship! An ideal solution to earn money, even while sleeping. You can also place by eBay to set up your dropshipping store, a solution that is often easier to handle for beginners than a Shopify store. If you want to follow a detailed course to start your first dropshipping project easily and in an accompanied way, I recommend the eCommerce Academy training courses which are particularly reputable. However, I would recommend being careful to remain ethical in this model. It is not a question of buying products of dubious quality abroad to resell them on the internet with huge margins. The goal is above all to find interesting quality products for your niche.

3.Become a coach

If you are passionate about personal or professional development and dream of helping others develop their potential, consider selling your services as a coach! Whether you want to be a life, couple, corporate, or niche coach, your passion and expertise will allow you to offer advice and concrete actions to those who wish to evolve in your target field. Depending on your preferences, you can offer different types of coaching: Individual coaching, where you provide personalized support to your clients through individual work sessions. Group coaching, where you organize webinars, training sessions, online workshops… in order to involve several of your clients at the same time on a specific topic. Afterward, you can even consider selling ebooks or coaching material to build your passive income in the long term.

4.Sell “stock photos

If you enjoy photography (and know the basics), selling your photos online can be a great way to turn your talent into a real online business. Many businesses, bloggers, and others are constantly in need of new photographs to accompany their content. There are some popular sites such as Getty Images, Shutterstock, and Adobe Stock where you can submit your photos and get paid for every upload. To ensure sales, you will need to take photographs that are likely to interest the widest possible audience, adding your personal touch to differentiate yourself from the competition. It’s also a great way to build a portfolio of your work as a photographer by showcasing your most popular images.


5.Freelance Editor

If you have a minimum of writing talent (no need to be a journalist) and you like to write on one or more specific topics, the web writing activity as a micro-entrepreneur is for you! Launching your online business as a freelancer will necessarily require some promotion (for example by creating your own website where prospects can contact you) and networking to find your customers. Starting on popular platforms such as Fiverr or 5euros will allow you to ensure some visibility at the beginning. But eventually, once you’ve proven yourself worthy of the task and worked on your reputation, the ideal way to earn more will be to work directly with your customers and businesses.

6.Creating websites

With the many online course platforms available and all the resources that can be found on the internet, there is no need to take formal training to learn how to design websites. Many CMS or other site builders such as WordPress or Shopify allow you to create content or commerce sites that are both powerful and easy to manage. If you lack the technical aspect, on the other hand, take the time to improve your website design and construction skills. You will then be able to find customers (such as SMEs or freelancers) who need to create their website but have neither the time nor the knowledge to do it themselves.

7.Community manager

Now, almost every company must have a presence on social networks. Whether it is to work on their image, communicate with customers, promote their products, or ensure quality customer service, social media is becoming more and more essential for brands. If you have a knack for creating inspiring or engaging content on networks and federating online communities, you might like this idea of online business. You can also find many opportunities on sites like Fiverr, and then build your reputation to eventually work directly with your customers.


8.Personal / Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant for companies or individuals is a great way to start an online business quickly and without big investments. The role of a personal assistant is to cover a variety of tasks such as answering calls, scheduling meetings, sending emails or communications on behalf of your customer, etc., or managing customer support if you work for a company. You could easily work to become THE reference incorporate support and build your reputation so that even the biggest clients fight for you.

9.SEO Consultant

Yes, SEO is one of my sweet sins. In fact, it is the first job I practiced, as an SEO manager in an agency and then with the advertiser. All this while I was self-taught thanks to the hundreds of wonderful online courses available on the subject. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for anyone who has a website, or more broadly an online business. It is the art of optimizing your website and your content so that it appears as high as possible in the search results of search engines such as Google. Once trained, you can offer consulting and strategy services, or simply focus on the operational side and work yourself on the SEO of your customers. You can also accompany them punctually when they have specific needs, such as when redesigning a website.

10. Graphic designer

You don’t need a degree in graphic design to start your online business in this field, although you will of course need to be trained for this job. Graphic design skills are required for all types of projects: advertising displays, Pinterest images, illustrations for a website, or flyers for an event? Here again, you will find many opportunities on sites such as Fiverr, 5euros, or Malt. As your business grows, don’t hesitate to create an online portfolio to promote your designs and gain notoriety.

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