Flat Stomach in 15 Days 8 Fat-Blasting Exercises

Flat Stomach in 15 Days 8 Fat-Blasting Exercises

Are you someone who is always looking for tricks to lose excess fat in the abdominal region and other areas? If so, of course, here are a few dozen cardio and other exercises to help you get rid of stubborn belly fat.

Don’t we all want to get rid of the thick, bulging riff on our jeans? Wear tight shirts and dresses with confidence. Show off and flaunt a set of perfectly good, toned abs in a crop top or sports bra. Famous fitness expert Bhavna Harchandrai said, “I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, ‘Your six-pack is made in the kitchen, not the gym.’ Going on a low-carb diet with fruits and high-fiber vegetables, sufficient protein intake, and avoiding simple sugars will help you in your efforts.

According to the expert, mindlessly doing crunches or sit-ups without incorporating the right full-body exercise program just strains your back and does little to shed stored belly fat.

So what’s the secret to getting those coveted “washboard abs”?

Workout to lose belly fat

The answer lies in high-low or interval training, that is, alternating high-intensity, high-impact, or interval training with low-intensity, low-impact, or short breaks. No wonder HIIT and TABATA have become a global trend. Smart coaches call it working SMART instead of just working hard. Here are some examples :

An old-school aerobics or step class with carefully calibrated high-intensity movements in the choreography, Alternate between a 400-meter run/jog and a 400-meter loop walk as you complete these sets over a 5-kilometer distance. A kettlebell workout alternating light and heavy exercises, intensity programs, etc. Let’s explore some “hard” cardio exercises you can incorporate to work your abs and tone your body, as suggested by fitness expert Bhavna Harchandrai.


Stand with both feet shoulder-width apart, toes slightly apart place your palms flat on the floor Bend your knees and squat down. As you do this, place your palms flat on the floor directly under your feet Then, keeping your weight on your hands, jump back to gently land on the balls of your feet on the floor behind you In plank position, your body should be straight and parallel to the floor from head to toe Do a push-up, then jump forward or backward with your feet Land like this forward, jump to a standing position and throw your arms up above your head That’s 1 burpee.


Squat Jumps

place your palms flat on the floor Jump up with your hands thrown toward the ceiling


Standing pike crunches

Stand up straight with your arms stretched above your head Alternately raise your legs Then stretch both arms down to touch the toes Alternate between these sets of both exercises



Starting in a plank position on your hands, alternately bring each of your knees to your chest – then return to the starting position Speed ​​up these reps until you feel like you’re running against the floor Pull the belly button towards the spine, maintaining the natural alignment of the head, neck, and spine board lift Start in a plank position with elbows and toes on the floor, feet together Make sure and more importantly check that your body is in a straight line – from head to toe Jump – both feet wide and bring them inside Imagine doing a horizontal jumping jack


Boxing punches

Stand with your legs about 2-3 feet apart, feet planted on the floor Engage your core as you throw jabs (punches) left and right Extend your arms to 90 degrees rather than fully if you don’t have a punch bag or glove to control the punches


Things to know

Make sure you have mastered the basics of boxing before trying this Do 4 to 5 sets of 25 repetitions for each of these exercises Incorporating these workouts will bring the desired results in a more structured and balanced way.


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